Crucial Things to Remember About Your French Bulldog’s Health – An Overview

Crucial Things to Remember About Your French Bulldog’s Health – An Overview

What’s the French bulldog breed temperament? The French Bulldog is naturally a very loving, friendly dog that loves to spend lots of time with its human family. It’s generally good and gentle with children. Every other dog breed is different, however, this is true to its breed as well.

Each dog breed has its own distinctive personality. This article explores the general temperament of the French Bulldog breed. This dog enjoys lots of attention from humans and other animals. They are very loyal to the people in its life and to their human family members.

The little Frenchie loves to bark and chew so it does need some exercise but it’s not a heavy active breed. They have a rather subdued personality which some might say makes them rather sleepy or exhausted. This personality trait is inherited as part of the breed.

There are other personality traits that are independent of the breed and that make each dog breed its own individual creature. This article briefly explores some of these separate traits and the French bulldog in particular.

Traditionally the French bulldogs were used for hunting small animals. Their speed and powerful physique made them a favored hunting companion for centuries. During World War I the canine was used by the soldiers as a scent hound because of its high intelligence, and because it could track and catch anything.

The French bulldog today is still used for this job because of its powerful sense of smell. They do not actually spend time searching but rather they are extremely alert to any potential scent that is around. The franchise has a very friendly personality and will often become family pets.

They are intelligent and eager to learn new things. They also are great as watchdogs because of their keen senses and their protective nature. This breed does need a lot of exercises and can get quite bored if not given a daily routine. They can be a bit sensitive to cold weather, so a heated coat may be necessary during the winter.

Health issues: There are many health problems that can afflict this dog breed. Two of the most common are hypoglycemia and brachycephalic respiratory syndrome. Hypoglycemia is a condition where the dog’s blood sugar levels are too low and need to be monitored.

On the flip side, the brachycephalic respiratory syndrome is a disorder of the ventilation of the lungs and can be a cause of pneumonia, breathing difficulties, and heart failure. The brachycephalic respiratory syndrome is usually genetic but can be aggravated or affected by other genetic disorders or by environmental factors such as poor diet.

Personality: The personality of this dog is one of its greatest strengths and it loves to show it off to friends and visitors. However, with all the traits of this breed that make it so beloved, it can sometimes be a little nerve-racking when you find yourself house training your newly adopted French bulldog or handling an older animal with some attitudes. For more on this, check out Frenchie Advice.

They have a sweet nature and are eager to please their owners, however, this can also mean that they are a little stubborn, dominant, and a little out of control. This breed needs to be handled and trained gently with consistency in order to prevent damaging behavior and maximize dog ownership.

Other factors that can contribute to French bulldog health issues include overfeeding, dehydration, birth defects, genetics, and harsh living conditions. The good news is that this breed is one of the few that are not affected by several common and serious health issues which affect the other big dog breeds.

This makes them one of the longest living and healthy dogs on the planet, making them a great pet for several generations to come.