Musicians, Let Your Lights Shine!

Take a chance if you’d like to show up and make a little music, but all registrations are closed until next year. We are all off to the Fest!









Attention talented musicians: This is an old-fashioned BUSKING EVENT at which you are encouraged to share your talents. Music is intended to be a wonderful addition to the offerings of the day and can add to but not interfere with the rights of proprietors, official announcements and activities.

1) All musicians MUST sign up here and follow instructions from festival management and City officials.

2) Sample music is required. A YouTube link is ideal.

3) Due to electrical restrictions, all performances should be acoustic and not amplified.

4) Location of your performance will take into consideration existing downtown establishments and official aspects of the festival. While we hope all music will ADD to the joyful environment of the day, the feelings of the property owners downtown are a priority.

5) Participation is at the discretion of festival management and must be in the spirit of the day: a welcoming community event.